Membership Information

If you share our enthusiasm for railroading then joining the NMRRC is for you. From the beginning, new members participate with old timers and quickly join in the fun. Annual full membership fee is $50.00.

A new introductory program for Junior Engineers with a sponsor is $15.00 Sponsors can be any family member related to the child. The sponsor is then considered an Associate Member. Both will receive special training sessions to allow them to operate trains at annual events like the Festival of Trains It is hoped that this new entry level membership will be a path to eventual full membership. The program Is for Junior Engineers ages 10-18

Benefits of full membership include learning new trends in the hobby, demonstrations of Command Control systems, assistance with repair and restoration of trains, construction of modules, learning about scenery and other building techniques.

You can contact us in regards to membership by filling out the form below:

Or call us at the number below:

Paul Delange
(231) 377-7333


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